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Private companies and government agencies around the world have made it mandatory for employees to work from home.
Being a pro or a newbie in working from home, you are concerned about means to achieve maximum productivity, below are guidelines

on how to stay on top of tasks.
From Asia to Europe, and now Africa, working from home has become the new norm. Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Chevron,

Microsoft, Twitter, and many other global giants have all adopted work-from-home(WFH) policies as the Covid-19 virus rages on like a

wild bush fire after the World Health Organization declared the virus a pandemic.

The government of Nigeria with a record of 65 confirmed case and one deaths by Friday 27th of March adopted the  work-from-home policy,

with a couple of other states, Lagos following suite and restricting movement.
A great number of employees will only be working from home as a first-timer, hence the need to find out simple ways to be productive, such

simple hacks, putting up a workspace and communicating with members of your team.

Act like you are at work

Home office

A dedicated workspace

Some WFH tips that are evergreen should be observed. Have a bath and dress up rather than work in your pajamas simply because

you can work in one.
If you do not have a home office, you should create a dedicated workspace. Lack of assigned home office when remote working can

be detrimental to your productivity.
Get a desk and sit upright rather than lie in bed with a laptop.

Some conscious efforts like these will help you gain concentration in a situation where you have family members staying at home

because you would have created a boundary.
Having a fully designated office space will help you maximize the benefits of WFH as discovered in a survey of 7,000 workers last year,

65% agreed they experienced more productivity working remotely due to the complete and partial absence of interruptions from

colleagues and reduced commute stress, especially in Lagos.
It is advised that you ask your organization’s IT department if your organization have one, about the pieces of equipment and gadgets

you will need. Depending on how long you will work from home for, without the right gadgets and types of equipment such as computer,

printer, external storage device and so on, work from home can be quite nightmarish.

Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated

Success – go get it.

A 10 hours or 20 hours work week while working from home to a newbie may seem bearable, but between two to three months of

full-time remote work could lead to varying degrees of health and economic consequences.
The worrying about news headlines, thoughts about the rising costs of commodities, the frightening thoughts about “the end of the

world” as we know it, are all enough to demoralize one; enough to have back-logs of assignments to be done, but reaching out to

teammates will help uplift your mood, which could nose-dive into a full-fledged depression.

One of the solutions to this is as much possible face-to-face interaction via video calls, itermittent team-lead check-ins for those

employees who stay alone and are more susceptible to isolation.
The team leaders also have to cheer their team up during this difficult period.

Communication is important


A classical phone

The fundamental element of working from home under any circumstances is clear and timely

communuication with your team and superiors. Traditionally, you are very close to your boss

in the office which makes communication simple. But working from home requires that yone

communicates with team in order to carry the necessary people along.
Your team might not be used to virtual teamwork, but some suites of tools for remote work such

as slack and zoom makes it easy to chat, make video calls, and collaborate on projects.
This takes the communication to a level closer to life communication with the video communicationoptions.
And if your boss is unfamiliar with managing peiople virtually, you may suggest some ready-to-go suites.

Some of these suites are zoom, slack, rocketchat, microsoft teams, google suite, discord, mattermost,

flock, ryver, wire, fleep.

Another thing to consider, is starting and ending the day with a briefing with your boss. This makes it

easy to stay in the work mood.

Avoid feeling isolated

Don't feel islated

Isolation in different homes

To work from home could be on a long term or short term basis, and even with all the best tools

available at your disposal, one could still find it hard to adapt, especially as no one was prepared

for the coronavirus before it’s spread. But one of the best ways to help is taking some of the

in-office social activities to an online environment; hold casual conversations with colleagues,

celebrate birthdays, celebrate projects completed.


In order to make work from home a successful endeavor, you need to ensure clear and timely communications with your team and boss, avoid isolation, remain motivated, and act like you are at work.
Truly, these are trying times and no one knows for sure when this pandemic will come to a halt.


What other thing can you do to be productive while working from home?

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