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The dream of every graduate is to be gainfully employed as soon as they round up the compulsory service year. This, however, has not been the case of some, owing to several factors. A key factor could be as a result of the ignorant on the part of the applicant to take cognizance of certain thing which may count to the recruiter. Job hunting can be very frustrating sometimes especially when there are no invite from the organization one must have applied. It’s not a nice phase anyone wants to stay long. Today, I would discuss 6 things you should avoid when applying for any job advert.


  • Do not send an application online without attaching your Resume/CV

This error is common among fresh graduates when applying online. Some applicants, having written a good cover letter, due to anxiety, submit application without attaching a copy of their resume/CV. It’s expected that you ensure you are relaxed and not under any pressure before clicking the send button. It’s of no use to send a good cover letter when you failed to attached your CV/Resume which contains vital details about your personality. Hence, before you click the send button, make sure you’ve attached your CV.


  • Do not send an application, resume or cover letter with errors

Before clicking the submit button, ensure your resume/cv and cover letter does not contain any errors. Your resume/cv and cover letter is a reflection of your personality. Some recruiters are turn off when they sight errors in these file as it portrayed that you are not detailed person and that you are prone to errors. You should ensure that you proofread and vent the documents before sending it out.


  • Never send a forwarded message: Create a new message.

As an experienced recruiter, I have seen cases where applicants send in forwarded application for a particular role. These applicants forward the message they’ve earlier sent to other organization and only edit the subject of the mail while the body of the mail still carries the details of the organization and role they’ve previously applied. The implication of this is that some recruiters, on seeing this, would conclude that the applicant is not suitable as he/she would not be able to handle documents that are meant to be confidential. It is important that you take note of this when applying and avoid it.


  • Do not send an application through google drive

The google drive is usually used to save file. It is backup software that ensures those documents stored there are forever protected. As an experienced recruiter, I discovered some applicants applied for a position through this software on their phone. The implication of this is that some of these recruiters may not have access to view your Resume/CV especially those firms that are not using HR Software as it would be requesting for a code which the recruiter may not have all the time to provide. So, it’s best you saved your resume on your system. There are other software you can save on your phone which would enable you to download your CV/Resume from your mail and save it on your phone. This software gives the receiver assess to your file without requesting for a code as against google drive.


  • Do not send a scan/picture copy of your CV while applying

This act does not tell well of an applicant as it send a negative signal about his/her personality. I have seen several scan CV/Resumes sent in for a job advert, and the truth is that whenever I see such, the next thing that comes to my mind is, if the applicant is really serious at all. Sending such file is unprofessional and unofficial. Hence, it may not be treated except if the recruiter chooses to do otherwise.


  • Do not apply for  a job where you do not meet the job requirements

In every job advert, there are certain requirements which potential applicants must possess. It is very important that you go through these requirements to know if you are eligible before applying. The major reason why people don’t get invite is because they do not possess the requirements the recruiter is looking for. So, it is best you applied for position where you meet the requirements as stated in the advert


In conclusion, it is key that as you applied for any job, ensure you take cognizance of the aforementioned factors raised and make research on likely things that may be responsible why you have not been able to land on that job.


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