Career Management


In the past, managing careers used to be the job for internal human resource professional, however, due to the high rate of unemployment and job insecurity, individuals have taken woke up from their slumber by taking charge of their careers.

 Career management is the plan taken by an individual in his activities and engagements on the job for better fulfillment, growth and financial stability. In career management, you are the one that decides what you do in your professional life. The essence of career management is to enable you prepare and maintain a good degree of self-control over the expected outcomes.

 In order to manage your career, you need to consider and implement the following:


Self-assessment is the basis of the career management process. Everything else depends on it. Unless you have a clear and honest understanding of your skills, interests, needs and values, you may struggle to identify and select opportunities that are suitable and fulfilling for you.

 Career Coach/Mentor

Having a good career coach/mentor will help you in every step of the way. If you are looking to work as an engineer, identify people who are engineers. These persons can mentor you and help you determine things you actually want to achieve.

Draft your CV/Resume

A CV/Resume that is poorly drafted may not be considered.Because your CV is your duplicate. In drafting your CV, ensure your CV reveals your proven pattern of success over time to potential new employers. Your work history, achievements and education background are your career marketing tools. You should be able to utilize these tools to your advantage if you must manage career effectively.

 Update your social media channel:

Keeping your social media channels updated is key in managing your career. Be mindful of what you say/post, it could come back to haunt you in the future.

 Embrace new challenges:

In managing your career, identify projects that advance your career. Whenever there is a new challenge, do not see it as threats; rather see it as motivation that tends to bring out the best in you.


Networking is a valuable skill that serves you throughout your entire career. A strong network enables you to discover new jobs and gather information which may open your eyes to new opportunities.

 Avoid job opportunities that offer short term advantages

One of the things that lured people in short term offer is money. An individual that is a permanent staff in an organization but is under-paid may be tempted to accept a contract job that comes with other benefits, with the mindset that before the contract expires, he would secure another offer. The truth is, it does not always work like that. It is very important that you remain focus on your vision and don’t get distracted while you are trying to manage your career.

 In conclusion, in order to manage your career effectively, you have to be dogged and carry out a step by step work to enable you build a strong foundation

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